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    Bring back the spark of love and the little mischiefs with the earthy & passionate fragrance of the City of Lakes.

    Playful Love Rediscovered – City of Lakes Perfume

    Inspired by the Venice of the East – Udaipur, this is a fragrance of romance, love and passion. Belonging to the Fresh Oriental family, this fragrance is rich and feels like passion. Filled with the citrus tones of Mandarin Orange and the sweet fragrance of Lavender – this fragrance is just like a love scandal – fresh and fun. It plays hide and seek with the water of the lakes that lay still smelling of oceanic sea weed. Aqua reflects the passion of playful love in them. The lingering depth of mineral amber adds to the feeling of longing.

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    From your casual flings at the beach, to the fresh fruits and the salty sea breeze hitting you, re-live the memories of your youth with every spritz Goa is inspired by the romance at the beach.

    The Fresh Breeze of Youth & Beaches – Goa Perfume

    Belonging to the Fresh Aqua family, this fragrance is a youthful take on oceanic fragrances. This fragrance will remind you of your youth where you’d sit by the beach with your lover and watch the sun set into the sea. The fresh flowery scent of water lily brings out the feeling of the vast sea with the depth of white musk that keeps this scent lingering on loop with the freshness of Italian lemon to make you feel young and filled with zen again. Make new memories and relive the old ones with Goa Eau de Parfum by A Fragrance Story. The use of Mario Miranda sketch on the carton leaves one in no doubts about its rich Goan heritage.

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    Escape into Nature. Escape into the wild. Escape into the Himalayas!

    A fragrance of Adventure – Himalayan Adventure Perfume

    This fragrance is so refreshing that it makes you feel cool and uplifted, also crisp and green and very elegant. Belonging to the Fougere Family, this fragrance is filled with the notes of nature – wild and free. It brings to you the thrill and cool feeling of riding in the Himalayas while also bringing back the natural flora of the Himalayas. Roses & Jasmine give a sweet floral fragrance. Bergamot & Oranges add the freshness of the fruits that grow there. Patchouli, Cedar and Amber add to the depth and the scent of wet rocks and soil which grows moss and lichens on it, turns this fragrance into a walk back into the wilderness.

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    A fragrance with fresh aquatic notes inspired by the oceanic conditions of Goa brought to you with love.

    Goa with Love – Goa Com Amor Perfume

    Goa is a land that defines natural beauty. There is so much to explore and experience. From the most beautiful chapels & temples to the noisiest of night pubs, from the magnificent beaches to the serene backwaters, Goa has everything…… We have captured this essence of Goa in Goa Com Amor (Goa with Love)!

    Goa Com Amor is a smooth and sophisticated fragrance. Ozone and mandarin in the top note will remind you of the sea. Water lily in the heart combined with the tropical fruits, Musk and creamy Sandalwood perfectly balance the fragrance and recreate a truly happy, relaxed & carefree atmosphere as on the beach. To top it up, the use of Legendary Artist Mario Mirada’s sketch on the carton talks about the fun and colourful aspects of Goan life.


    Fresh & Aquatic

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    Find the calm and comfort in your daily hustle and chaos and make memories that bring you peace and happiness with each spritz.

    Fall into the Bed of Sweet Smelling Flowers with the Valley Of Flower Eau De Parfum

    Fresh & cool, this perfume is inspired by the ‘Valley of Flowers’ in the state of Uttarakhand, virtual paradise on Earth! Belonging to the Floral and Woody family this fragrance brings the holiday calm and homely comfort every time you wear it. With the freshness of citrusy orange bringing in the freshness of the valley, it lingers into a sweet aroma of different flowers like the sweet honeysuckle, the fresh and strong jasmine, the delicate lily of the valley and the earthy wet soil scent of patchouli to form a flower bed right around you so you can fall into it peacefully and spread the same comfort for people around you. The depth of the amber accord adds to the earthy scents almost bringing to life the Valley of Flowers every time you wear it.

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    Enjoy a Citrusy Sweet Escape into the Tea Plantations of Darjeeling

    Refreshing Tea Estates of Darjeeling – Darjeeling Perfume.

    Belonging to the fresh floral and fruity family, this fragrance is the freshness you’d seek for on a lazy Sunday morning or when the Monday blues hit you. This pick-me-up fragrance is delicate and light and is perfect for people who cannot stand strong scents and love something mild and pleasing. Filled with citrusy from the tea, bergamot and oranges and the earthy depth from sage, moss and cedar wood – this fragrance is like a memory trip back to the hill station during a week-long vacation where you sit at the porch sipping your tea.

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    Coffee and Jasmine reminds of the coffee plantations of Coorg and the Jasmine from the famous farms of south.



    Oriental & Floral

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    Relive the era of the Rajput and feel the warmth & lush fragrance of Royalty. Bottom of Form

    Feel Like Royalty – Pink City Perfume

    Belonging to the Chyper Oriental family, this fragrance is rich and makes you feel completely like the Rajput of Jaipur. The rich floral essence of Rose, heightened with the heart fragrance of Oud wood and Patchouli, adds to the depth of the fragrance. The masculine earthiness of Black truffle keeps the sweetness of the rose intact while vanilla accentuates it. Oak moss and Amber add a lingering depth that smells like a palace and makes you feel like a king.

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    Deep and Earthy fragrance of peace and calm in every spritz.

    Calm & Peace for Your Mind & Body – Ladakh Perfume

    Setting out in cold weather, you enter a monastery… The warmth and the smell is breathtaking. The tranquil environment knocks out your senses and you feel just Enchantingly Refreshing. Belonging to the Floral family, this fragrance brings back the feeling of complete enchantment that fills you with unparalleled peace and calm. It makes you feel warm and welcomed in a cold and naturally secluded place. The fresh breeze of nature, untouched by humans, washes up on your face and brings to you a realization of how nature embraces you and brings you closer to yourself.

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    Experience the Incredible 2600km Journey around the River Narmada

    A Tribute to Ma Narmada – Parikrama Perfume

    Parikrama is an olfactory treasure of scents – jasmine, ginger lily, tendu leaves, mahua, tamarind, roses, pine, blackberry, eucalyptus, honey… The task of embarking on a Parikrama of Ma Narmada and the task of creating “Parikrama” the perfume is both, daunting yet divine. Tuberose, Honey, Mahua and Sandalwood give you an ethereal experience of the places, people and plantations along the banks of the river. The notes are selected in such a way that our perfume lets you live the experience called “Parikrama”.


    Floral and Oriental

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    Recreate the aura and aroma of the ‘Ganga aarti’ with each spritz

    A whiff of Tranquility and Serenity – Ganga Perfume

    Inspired by the majestic rivers of India, we bring for you ‘Ganga’, a fragrance that keeps you connected to yourself and Mother Earth. The fragrance of Saffron, Incense, Sandalwood and Oudh mixed with the scent of flowers, creates an enthralling, magical and mystical atmosphere. Ma Ganga, the river, embodies a culmination of all that is pure, divine and forgiving. ‘Ganga Aarti’ at Haridwar is by far the most spectacular and humbling experience. Hundreds of diyas are lit up and they dance to the rhythmic chanting of aarti. This unique ritual of fire, flowers, faith, song and rhythm is recreated in our perfume ‘Ganga’.


    Woody Oriental

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