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Bajirao Mastani Combo Set

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Bajirao: Oriental & Woody I   Mastani: Floral & Oriental


Bajirao: Musky notes combined with Masculine Leather, Agarwood and Tobacco.

Mastani: An exotic mix of eternal Rose, mesmerizing saffron and magical sandalwood.


Bajirao: Labdanum, Musk I  Mastani: Rose and Saffron


Bajirao: Patchouli, Geranium I Mastani: Patchouli and Sandalwood


Bajirao: Tobacco, Agarwood I Mastani: Vanilla and Musk




A Royal Fragrance Blazing With Love & Longing!

Bajirao: Passionate, Masculine, and Royal

Pune, the city of the renowned Peshwas, served as the inspiration for our new fragrance. Undoubtedly, Bajirao was the most impactful Peshwas. a dynamic leader, astute tactician, brave warrior, and steadfast lover. He will always be remembered in our hearts as a strong warrior, a powerful conqueror, and a compassionate lover. By his name, our perfume captures all these subtleties of bravery. 

Agar wood, tobacco, and masculine leather blended with musk represent a really alluring scent that will stir up a storm like the courageous. A scent fit only for royalty! This perfume is a member of the Fresh Floral family and has notes of excitement, boldness, and grandeur. The top, delicate rose note—a royal specialty—is expertly mingled with the deep, sweet notes of patchouli, agar wood, and tobacco. Bajirao gains depth through the combination of musk and labdanum and develops into a distinctive scent for "him". Regardless of who wears it, he will feel at home and enjoy the power of the monarchy. The refreshing fragrance of the alluring delicacy of flowery roses adds a luxe vibe to the perfume. 


 Bring out the free, powerful, and exotic lover you are.

The bottle of Love, Independence, and Strength - Mastani Perfume 

 Bajirao and Mastani are mentioned together. She was his ladylove with a personality and persona to match his. He was the most powerful of the Peshwas of Pune. The epitome of exquisite beauty, as fragile as gossamer, and with a steely inner strength. Gorgeous and alluring, but also a brave and capable warrior. Exotic, captivating, as well as insightful, and powerful. She will always be remembered as an incredibly beautiful but brave fighter. By her name, our perfume encapsulates all these characteristics of strength and beauty.

This scent was motivated by Mastani's intense devotion to Bajirao. Our fragrance Mastani honors the woman who traversed cities to be with her true love and contains tones of bravery, freedom, and love. The rose represents passion, beauty, and eternal love. This exotic blend makes you smell like royalty and an elegance unmatched. It is produced with the lovely floral notes of rose and the richness of agar-wood, musk, and labdanum, coupled with the cold and pleasant tinge of sandalwood and saffron. A scent that really steals the spotlight - like Mastani.

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