Goa Perfume


Product details


Fresh & Aquatic 


The Ozone and use of intense Musk give you the freshness of sea


Ozonic, marine, Italian Lemon


Water lily, Champaka, Tropical fruits


White Musk, Amber, Sandal wood




Goa perfume: The Fresh Breeze of Youth & Beaches

With each spritz, reminisce about the carefree times you spent at the beach, the fresh fruits you ate, and the salty sea wind that touched you. The romance at the beach is what gave rise to Goa.

This fragrance is a member of the Fresh Aqua family and is a contemporary interpretation of maritime scents. You'll be catapulted back to your younger years when you and your partner would sit by the beach and watch the sun set into the water. The profundity of white musk keeps the smell lingering on the loop. The freshness of Italian lemon makes you feel young and full of zen again. The scent carries the pure flowery scent of water lilies and evokes the feeling of the vast sea. With the help of A Fragrance Story's Goa Eau de Parfum, create new memories and revisit old ones. The Mario Miranda sketch on the carton leaves no doubt about the product's historic Goan heritage.



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