Valley of Flowers


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Freshness from the Valley of flowers combined with magical mix of white flowers especially the Honeysuckle



Green notes, Orange (bitter), Lily of the Valley



Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Orange blossom, White flower



Musky accord, Powdery notes, Patchouli, Woody amber accord





Discover the tranquility and comfort amid the everyday chaos, and create memories that will make you joyful and in solitude with each mist.

Utilize the Valley Of Flowers Eau De Parfum to Float Into a Bed of Sweet-Smelling Flowers.

This scent is refreshing and delicate and was created in honour of the state of Uttarakhand's "Valley of Flowers," a veritable paradise on Earth! This fragrance belonging to the Floral and Woody family gives you a cozy, peaceful feeling every time you wear it. The citrusy freshness of orange draws in the freshness of the valley and endures into a pleasant aroma of various flowers, including sweet honeysuckle, strong and unique jasmine, subtle lily of the valley, and earthy wet soil-scented patchouli. This blend forms a flower bed right around you so you can fall into it serenely and propagate the same solace to those around you. Each time you apply it, the richness of the amber note enriches the earthy aromas, nearly bringing to life the Valley of Flowers.

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