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Our Story

A great fragrance is much more than just the fragrance. It’s the thought, the story and the approach behind its creation that makes it memorable. We truly believe that a great fragrance starts with its aroma and ends with a myriad of memories and experiences enabling a story to be born. The biggest ingredient common in every fragrance we create is heart. Our fragrances start with the aroma, flirt with your memories, and find a place to settle down in your heart. This fragrance journey lets you dive deeper than the surface of its aroma to create your own story. A Fragrance Story

Who we are?

A Fragrance Story is a made-in-India brand of fragrances, which looks to uniquely tell a story with each of its fragrance lines. Every fragrance has been selected to communicate a story to further accentuate the aroma of the fragrance. A Fragrance Story strives to deliver fragrances at an accessible price point with an International level of sophistication.

We are on a mission to help the world discover India through this unique way of storytelling. We want to show the world that India has the ability not only to create great quality fragrances, but fragrances with heart, depth and richness. A fragrance that can be discussed, told and shared, not just experienced.

What makes us different?

STORY is the CORE to EVERY perfume we make.
To be told… and gifted… again and again.

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