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‘Bajirao’ Eau De Parfum – 50ml


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A Royal Fragrance Blazing With Love & Longing!

Bajirao: Passionate, Masculine, and Royal

Pune is well known as the city of the renowned Peshwas. It has served as the inspiration for this fragrance.

Undoubtedly, Bajirao was the most impactful Peshwa. A dynamic leader, astute tactician, brave warrior, and steadfast lover. He will always be remembered in our hearts as a strong warrior, a powerful conqueror, and a compassionate lover. Our perfume, by his name, captures all these subtleties of bravery.

Oud, saffron, amber and nutmeg blend perfectly with musk in this concoction. It represents a really alluring scent that will stir up a storm like the courageous. A scent fit only for royalty! This perfume is a member of the Oriental family. It has notes of excitement, boldness, and grandeur. Bajirao gains depth through the combination of oud and cedarwood. It further develops into a distinctive scent for “him”.

Regardless of who wears it, he will enjoy the power of the monarchy. The warm and comforting fragrance of saffron adds a luxe vibe to the perfume.


Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 6.6 × 13.5 cm
Fragrance Family


Key Ingredients

Oud, Saffron, Amber, Nutmeg

Top Notes

Amber, Nutmeg, Saffron

Heart Notes

Cedar Wood, Oud, Patchouli

Base Notes

Amber, Gourmand, Musk



4 reviews for ‘Bajirao’ Eau De Parfum – 50ml

  1. Haresh Chitre

    Amazing Fragrance!! Good lasting power…

  2. Esha Sanas

    Good perfume, very mild smell which lasts long .7 to 8 hours.

  3. Prabal Kanti Mitra

    I searched everywhere for a Indian Made perfume which is cheaper than those luxury brands but performs like a beast. God knows I tried numerous Indian brands. From Shama Brothers to Parag Fragrances to All Good Scents to MAK Inspirations. None could meat my expectations. Even All Good Scents failed (and they are not cheap). While I was about to give up I noticed AFS Bajirao. I gave it a shot. And FINALLY, I GOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Yes, this thing hits all the right
    SCENT – AWESOME 10/10
    SILLAGE – GREAT 9/10
    PROJECTION – SIMPLY FANTASTIC (You will be noticed) 9/10
    last but not the least LONGEVITY – 10/10 (easily 8 hrs plus).
    So yes my search is over. Finally, something I can rely on. Kudos to Mr. HRISHIKESH LONKAR for this amazing product.

  4. Bharat B

    Excellent product and great fragrance as expected from a fragrance story. Had got the city of lakes earlier but this is even better. But it’s not as long lasting as expected.

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