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The Similarity Between a Piece of Music and a Well Crafted Perfume.

As Francis Kurkdjian has so beautifully mentioned about the commonality in between the music and the perfume: the air. You hear the music when the vibration of the sound in the air hits your ears, the same way the perfume needs the movement of air to come to your nose. Both mediums are invisible compared to painting or literature, this is why they are so deep in our soul, in a way!

The connection drawn between music and perfume is indeed a fascinating analogy that reflects the intricate artistry involved in both realms. Both music and perfume possess an ethereal quality, relying on the senses to perceive their beauty. Here’s an exploration of their similarities:


  1. Composition and Creation: In music, a composer meticulously arranges notes, harmonies, and rhythms to evoke emotions and tell a story. Similarly, a perfumer meticulously blends various scents and essences to create a fragrance that elicits specific feelings and memories.
  2. Harmony and Blending: Just as musical notes harmonize to create melodies, perfumery involves blending various fragrant elements—such as floral, woody, or spicy notes—to create a harmonious scent that evolves over time on the skin.
  3. Sensory Perception: Both music and perfume rely on the senses—music is heard and felt, while perfume is smelled. They both engage with our emotions, memories, and subconscious, often evoking deep and personal responses.
  4. Invisible Art: Unlike tangible art forms like painting or literature, both music and perfume are intangible and ephemeral. They exist transiently in the air, needing the right moment and context to be fully experienced and appreciated.
  5. Environmental Interaction: Both music and perfume require interaction with the environment. Music travels through the air as vibrations to reach our ears, while perfume molecules disperse through the air to reach our olfactory receptors.
  6. Emotional Impact: Both music and perfume have the power to evoke strong emotions, trigger memories, and transport individuals to different places or moments in time, often in ways that surpass the rational mind.

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