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Thoughts Behind Creating and Dedicating a Fragrance to Narmada Parikrama

We love stories and we love to help you reminisce…

Our first bouquet had “destination fragrances”. We offered you the essence of some beautiful cities in our perfume bottles.

Now we bring for you another bouquet, fragrances dedicated to rivers. A Trilogy, starting with Narmada, followed by Ganga and Brahmaputra.

The relation between human civilisation and rivers is ancient. Rivers have always fascinated humans and since time immemorial, there has been a unique, intangible bond connecting the two. Narmada, Ganga, Brahmaputra, among many other rivers, embody the entire Indian Civilisation. They are a part of our history, our culture, our very existence! Not only in India, but around the world, rivers and human civilisations are inseparable.

At Fragrance story, we have risen to accept the challenge of encapsulating “rivers” in our perfume bottles. Our “destination fragrances” were for nostalgia, our “river fragrances” will rejuvenate you.

Over the years, we humans have taken for granted the majestic rivers and have underestimated their importance in our very existence. We have over used the waters and dumped our waste, but no more! Gen next has realised the importance of rivers and they are adopting modern technology to resurrect the water ways. In a very short while, with their zeal and dedication towards conservation of nature, we will have our rivers back in the ecosystem!

Our first offering in the “river fragrances” is “Parikrama”. An incredible 2600 km journey around the river Narmada. An ethereal experience of the places, people and plantations along the banks of the river. A journey for penance and peace; very relevant in this day and age. A journey to hit the restart button in our lives!

Our Parikrama is an olfactory treasure of scents – jasmine, ginger lily, tendu leaves, mahua, tamarind, roses, pine, black berry, eucalyptus, honey..…. The task of embarking on a Parikrama of Ma Narmada and the task of creating “Parikrama” the perfume, is both, daunting yet divine. In this journey we were guided by the experts from the industry. We have tried our best to create the notes in such a way that our perfume lets you live the experience called “Parikrama”.

For the package design of “Parikrama’, the perfume, we have chosen a sketch by none other than the Late Shri Amrutlalji Vegad, a Sahitya Akadami award winner and recipient of the Rashtrapati award from Jabalpur . He went on several Parikramas over three decades and was amongst the first to voice concern about river pollution and about preserving the nature and environment along river banks.

To have the stalwarts contribute towards our ‘River venture”, is akin to having the blessings of Ma Narmada!


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